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Black Theme - S60 5th Edition Theme to save your battery life

Posted by Abu_Fahad الأحد، فبراير 14، 2010, under | 1 التعليقات

Been a while since we started posted themes on the blog so here’s one to add to your collection. I’ve always been a fan of themes that are one colour or they have patterns. This theme fits the bill and is one for those that do not want to add a lot of noise to थ
eir screen।

The Nokia N97 is already filled with widgets so this black theme by Gava is one to enjoy when you are browsing through your applications।Â The choice of theme means the black should increase the battery life of your phone and also not burn your eyes out! This theme is also rocking the default icons so it’s one to keep.

तो डाउनलोड कॉपी एंड पस्त तो यौर browser

Biskero released Kero Mobile application for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97

Posted by Abu_Fahad , under | 0 التعليقات

Once you install Kero Mobile on your phone, you will have access to some content by default. To add more content you will need to create an account. It is very simple, here are the steps:

  1. go to SETTINGS
  2. load the Account application
  3. select CREATE ACCOUNT
  4. enter the required information and submit

Here a set of information to help you use Kero Mobile:

You can download it directly to your phone from

Nokia Messaging

Posted by Abu_Fahad , under | 0 التعليقات

Nokia Messaging makes mobile email easy and mobilizes consumer email across a range of Nokia S60 devices. Nokia Messaging enables users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email.

Download Here

SMS Tag for Nokia N97

Posted by Abu_Fahad السبت، فبراير 13، 2010, under | 1 التعليقات
SMS Tag is a free application to label the messages on our Nokia N97, so we can find the message we want very fast and to keep them organized and easily browsable.

According to the developer, Jappit: “absolutely no data is sent or received from the Internet. The “access to network” permission is only asked in order to retrieve the SMS messages stored on the device. Connection to the Internet is done ONLY if you check for updates in the Settings screen.”

Download SMS Tag from OVI.

Virtual Zippo Lighter for Nokia N97

Posted by Abu_Fahad , under | 0 التعليقات

Virtual Zippo® Lighter is an application for Nokia N97 with which we can choose several models of Zippo and use them as flashlight।

This application is free, and you can download from Ovi Store.

Theme Symple Pink for Nokia N97

Posted by Abu_Fahad الأحد، يناير 31، 2010, under | 0 التعليقات

The theme Symple Pink, as its name suggests, is a theme based on color roses, but not only that, is one of the themes n97 more worked i have seen, where it has taken care until the last detail so that our Nokia N97 is well “nicely” XD.
Download Tema Symple Pink

How to get certificate and key in OPDA for Nokia N97

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How to get certificate and key in OPDA to sign applications symbian for Nokia N97.

The first thing will be to register, we are going to home page of OPDA.

Registrar cuenta pagina OPDA

In detail…

Registrar cuenta pagina OPDA 1

We do click on Register and the terms and conditions will appear in Chinese

Registrar cuenta pagina OPDA

Down until the end of the page and we click Ok (it’s in Chinese, of course)

Registrar cuenta pagina OPDA 1

Fill in the fields.


If everything was right, you will see our nick. Press in English to put the page in english:

cerkeyopda 5

Now click on Online signing:

cerkeyopda 6

click on “Apply cer” and then fill in the fields.

cerkeyopda 7a

NOTE: The number of telephone must begin for 15 and be 11 digits, for example 15123456789 it is correct.

cerkeyopda 7

If everything has gone well you will see this screen:

cerkeyopda 8

When you return to the page of opda by your certificate and key click on English and then click Apply cer

OPDA new 1

Click on login and fill in the fields with your nick and password:

OPDA new 3

OPDA new 4

If the cer and key are ready, to click to download, be patient, sometimes slow to start the download

OPDA N97 4

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